2.22.12: Ohhh my GOD, darlings, you are going to want to SLAP me after I tell you this.
Last year, I wrote up a brand new MiSTing, "The Sad Truth" -- and even though it was finished on 2/25/2011, for some reason, I... never got around to uploading i--

(Bob: OHOHOHO. I am going to ENJOY this. 8DD *rears arm back to throw moldy old Krusty-burger at her*

Cecil: BROTHER, THAT'S CRUEL- *reads the update* ... rofl - n/m KNOCK YOURSELF OUT. XD)

^^; Hopefully you'll be more sympathetic than the boys, and go read the new MiSTing I remember I worked so hard on over at the Fanfics section, okay? ;u; Thankyouuuu~

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