So now comes the occasion -- just for a moment, now! -- when the
camera is off-focus on Bob, and onto the younger, distinguishingly
strawberry blonde-haired Terwilliger: Cecil.
I'm sure many words come to Bob's mind when he does think of him,
though. Jealous little twerp. Benedict Arnold. Vengeful traitor. And
as his sibling, still dear to him in his complicated, homicidal, yet merry
life. They were separated for ten years or so, before one time, years ago,
when Cecil returned -- with quite the surprise for Bob. . .

This is the section of the site dedicated solely to Sideshow Bob's younger
brother, Cecil Terwilliger. Read more about him below.

: Profile :
everything you ever wanted to know

: "Brother from Another Series" :
as told from Cecil's point of view - written by me

: Niles File :
David Hyde Pierce

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