(Cecil: You know, Bob, a very interesting thing happened to me today!

Bob: What?

Cecil: Well, my tea bag broke!

Bob: Wow. Earth-shattering, really.

Cecil: No, no! Because, a person who reads tea leaves found a message in them!

Bob: Really?

Cecil: Indeed! It said, "Beware the crazy girl with long hair, a pencil, and Photoshop."


Cecil: Oh, dear, I think she heard me.

Bob: ... *grumblegrumblegrumble-- BLEEP!*.)

While I go find the guys, please have a look around at my Simpsons fanart. Enjoy!

The Fan Art!

You know your brother loves you when he's beating the crap out of you.
Kathy a bit sad...
Katherine Terwilliger Kathy and a friend, Frida
Cecil sketches Gotta learn to draw that guy properly. References from screenshots used.
Two's Company, but three's a crowd.
Katherine with an axe
Kathy one more time
Bart Notices look-alikes
Cecil's artistic rendering of his brother. An early one.
Hey, Stupid! Hahaha! You looked! (that scene was so cute!)
She likes that axe a bit too much...
Sideshow Bob: Just Plain Wrong (should've titled this just "Bob"! D'oh!)
Cecil is such a Little Tramp.
Bob looks kinda nice in eyeliner, doesn't he...?
Kids Never Learn. No, we don't. n.n
Anything for money. Michael Jackson song used (it's the one that inspired this piece).
Katherine, the coquettish rose
She would've looked like this at Bob and Selma's wedding.
Bob with a knife. Eeek, bloody knife!
Sing a little song
Bob gets an obnoxious surprise from an obnoxious girl
Bob and Bart plushies accompany a Jan as she sleeps (non-Simpsons-style)
Cecil refers to his brother (as an idiot... Bob: HEY!)
Bob, I'm guessing in his dressing room.
Kathy looking at'cha.
Nice catch, Bob!
Katherine again, something made her blush!
Bob tries out my re-design of his 'Sideshow' outfit: 1, 2, 3
Shhhh... we're sleeping.
Sweet dreams, Bob
I wanna hold your hand
The cast of MSkT3! Bob, Cecil, and a very badly drawn Sideshow Mel

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