(Bob: Oh, God, she writes too?!?

Cecil: AARRRGH! Those six consecutive life sentences are looking good to me!)

HEY. Er... right, okay. Here is where you all will be seeing my second favorite activity next to drawing: writing! Yes, folks, I screw around with the Terwilligers' lives in more ways than one. 8D So, let's see:


Ma Vie, The Ruse:   prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | epilogue
2.1.11: COMPLETED!
A third Terwilliger sibling with Bob's same red hair and fiery attitude comes to town, who may or may not actually be a Terwilliger at all-- this question is both for Sideshow Bob and Bart Simpson to find an answer to...

Winter in July
A simpery little thing I wrote when I was just starting out in SSB fanfiction. I hope you can make more sense of out of it than I can.

Damned if You Do, Dammed If You Don't
Based on (what else) but the episode with Cecil in it. Oooo, Bob's such a meanie in this one!

(Cecil: He's always a meanie.

Bob: Am not.

Jan: Ahh, goldilocks, I'd treat you better than that. You're cute! C'mere!!

Cecil: Just what I need... *runs off*)


MiSTings (or MSTings) take hints from the cult TV show 'Mystery Science Theatre 3000' by allowing characters to make comments, amusing or otherwise, on a fanfic.
Our disgruntled Krusty-affiliated boys, Bob and Cecil Terwilliger and Melvin Van Horne (Sideshow Mel) take on various stories, some good, some worse... and... well, you'll just have to see for yourself

Sideshow Bob's Secret Past: rated PG-16. My first MiSTing! The guys get accquainted with each other, the art of riffing, and just what Bob went through as Krusty's sidekick. (Cecil: No wonder he hated it so much! ARGH!)

MURDER!: rated PG-16. The title has absolutely nothing to do with what the story's actually about. Just a heads up. An episode of When Flashbacks Go Very, Very Wrong. *urk!*

Fight Alone, Fight Together: rated G. Ok, the fear is over, here's a nice clean silly little 'fic that was supposed to be vivid and dramatic... in a Pretty Sammy sort of way. Enjoy.

Some Things Aren't What They Seem: rated PG-16. Whoops, sorry the innocence didn't last long!! The boys are back, and wishing they'd had their medical check-ups before this one. D:

The Sad Truth *NEW!*: rated PG-16. Our two favorite sidekicks (plus one favorite reject [Cecil: HEY!]) face yet another chapter of Bob's "past". Let's just hope the guys make it memorable!

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