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OK. I'll give you a few of the best Simpsons (and of course Sideshow Bob!) sites I've seen around the 'net, for its content and other stuff which is waaay better than mine. I credit a lot of these for research and content for making this site possible.

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Thank you. :D

Sideshow Bob pages
  The Sideshow Bob Archive... probably your best resource on SSB. The page that inspired me to make this one!
  What is Sideshow Bob's Deal, Anyway?... several opinions and views on Sideshow Bob. cool.
  Sideshow Bob is a Political Prisoner... says it all, doesn't it.
  Sideshow Bob at Wikisimpsons... his own Wiki on the Simpsons Wiki.
  Sideshow Bob's Arrest Record... self-explanatory.
  Sideshow Bob on Facebook...?!!
  Die, Bart, Die!...The Sideshow Bob Fanlisting

general Simpsons pages
  The Simpsons Archive
  The Simpsons Channel
  The Simpsons Gallery
  The Simpsons Showcase
  Springfield Paradise (French)
  Duff 'n' Pretzels (French)
  The Simpsons Loft (French)
  Last Exit to Springfield
  Springfield Weekly
  The Simpsons Odyssey
  Eye On Springfield
  The Simpsons Sourcebook
  New Springfield
  The Simpsons Top 100

message boards
  No Homers Club
  Maggied - The Springfield Message Board
  The Simpsons (and Futurama) Fanworks Central

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