born: august 23rd
astrological sign: virgo
Chinese zodiac sign: tiger
gemstone: peridot
favorite colors: purple, pink, blue, earth tones
hobbies: drawing, music, writing, playing guitar, anime/manga,
goofing off
favorite animals: tigers, frogs, turtles
favorite foods: fruit, chocolate, medjool dates, soba noodles

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  • I first started drawing in general at about 3 years old, but I only decided I wanted to be an artist and draw professionally at age 11.
  • Math is my worst subject, but I love its challenge. English (especially writing) is my best-- it's my current major in college.
  • I have a deep emotional connection to Nature. Even a tiny flower bud or a bug or a blue sky makes me smile!
  • I made my first webpage at the age of 10, when my Dad taught me HTML. To this day I still make all my webpages by writing the HTML coding from scratch.
  • I love to sing. Songs from the Japanese "Sailor Moon" soundtrack are my favorites! (I've been practicing singing those since I was 12.)
  • A few of my art influences/heroes: Naoko Takeuchi, Butch Hartman, Bisco Hatori, Tite Kubo, Takeshi Obata, Jamie Hewlett.
  • My guitar and I are BFFs. For anyone who's interested, it's a Fender Standard Stratocaster, with a White Chrome Pearl finish that reminds me of moonlight.
  • And if there's anything else you want to know, jus' ask. :)
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