the life of mudai!

JuneViolet's Home Page

The very first, very
embarrassing beginning.
Sting Feast your eyes!
Junie's Toon-a-Casserole

I tried branching out into
fansites around this time.
Disaster. D: (ew, check out
the "art")
Anything Goes

Another title change, another
layout. I never could make up
my mind. ^^;

Perdant Mon Esprit

I'd just started learning French-
of course I wanted to try a new,
"fancy" title.
Perdu Mon Esprit

Notice the title change from 'losing
my mind' to 'lost my mind'?... yeah,
ugly layouts can do that.

Design started getting more
complex here! I sympathize
with those faces...


Mudai! is finally... Mudai! (though
the title actually first came to me
in 2001 or so - and could've saved
me a LOT of trouble...)
Mudai! was created, and
Mudai! finally has a permanent
home... and a half-way decent

Tatoo and mudai!, back in black.


present day

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