Welcome to Spots 'n' Fishbones! This site is dedicated to the super-cute conjoined cat and dog sibling pair I absolutely fell in love with, and haven't gotten unattached from since. Please enjoy this little site dedicated to the sweetest bicranial quadruped you'll ever come across. <3

CatDog is a Nickelodeon cartoon series created by Peter Hannan. You'll learn more about it as you go through the site!

last updated: 6.20.13
June 2013 issue of Ask The CatDog Cast is HERE! I TOLD you I'd keep it alive! ;u; And...I am now officially out of questions to answer...
This update is proof that I WILL get the guys to answer your burning questions, so please, send them in!!
BUT NOT NOW! AFTER you read the new issue, okay? 8D

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1.22.12: Tweaked with the layout a bit and made some fixes- now the tables won't go all wonky when you change the size of your browser window! 8D
Oh, and FINALLY, Ask The CatDog Cast: January 2012 IS UP!!! I hope Cat, Dog and the guys all managed to answer all your questions that were received, and that you find the answers at least mildly amusing! It was fun to write again, so please don't hesitate to send up more questions- as long as you're willing to be patient with me-- you have no clue how much I appreciate your waiting! <3

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2.3.11: New link buttons! Okay, so it's just a tiny update, but... it's something.
I have not given up on Ask The CatDog Cast! I got all the questions some of you sent in- thank you so much. ♥ CatDog and the other lovelies will answer them for you ASAP. ♥ ♥

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