What's CatDog?

cheer up, Catsie!
'CatDog' is a creative, emotional, and mostly fun cartoon series about a cat and dog who were conjoined together since they were born. Living in a house which is shaped like a fish and a bone, on a cliffside looking over the city/outskirts of Nearburg, CatDog are different as night and day. Dog loves extremely loud rock music, Cat doesn't. Dog enjoys chasing garbage trucks, and Cat REALLY doesn't. Along with their friends, and maybe less-than-friends (The Greaser Dogs, respectfully), the conjoined duo live a happy, confusing life, learning lessons from it and sometimes teaching us some as well. (no, really! Cartoons can do that!)

The show is created by none other than Peter Hannan, who started his love for cartooning very early - about age 7! He was making flip books and sketching characters on his notebooks or anywhere he could draw on. CatDog started out in a book of Peter's called "A Few Superheroes You've Probably Never Heard Of." Even though it was never published, in that book, there were variations of really weird superheroes who couldn't do their jobs all that well. One of them was "The Amazing CatDog Man", a superhero with a human's body and both a cat and dog's head. They always fought each other so much, they weren't able to rescue anyone at all. Sounds familiar to us CatDog fans?
Anyway, and with more sketching came the bicranial quadruped we know today -- CatDog. Woohoo! Go Peter! ♥