Adopt a CatDog!

CD fans from here and there! Ever thought CatDog were just so cute, you wanted one of your very own? Well, here you are! This site lets you adopt your very own CatDog to love and take care of just as you would the real one. I created something just like this yeeears ago during Spots' very early days, and I thought it was a cute idea to bring back. Just follow the three steps, and you have a unique pet to show off on your webpage, LiveJournal, Facebook, or any kind personal blog you have.

Step 1: Choose your CatDog! I'm offering different kinds here...

CatDog #1: normal

CatDog #2: music-men

CatDog #3: metal rockers

CatDog #4: the punks

CatDog #5: the rappers (w0rd.)

CatDog #6: the 60s (Sonny and Cher?!)

CatDog #7: the 60s, part 2 (they tried LOTS of looks that day..)

CatDog #8: hawaiian (aloha!)

CatDog #9: proper gentlemen

Step 2: Fill out this form to adopt your little bicranial quadruped of luuuuv. <3

Step 3: Save the picture of the CatDog you're adopting (no direct linking to, please), upload it to your own space, and place the following itsy bitsy HTML code on your site:

<img src="(filenamehere).jpg"><br>
I adopted this (kind of CatDog) CatDog from Spots 'n' Fishbones!<br>
get your own <a href="">here</a>!

And you're done! Enjoy your new little pet (that guaranteed will NOT die on you if you forget to feed it... considering you don't have to in the first place.)