the elder, intellectual half

Sex: Male
Species: Feline
Age: early-to-mid 20s (and 5 minutes older than Dog)
Blood type: A+
Nicknames: Catsie, Catbutt
Likes: Classical polka, peace and quiet, beautiful women (though most of them hate him), his brother Dog, working with his mind -- but never physical labor
Dislikes: Pain, extremely loud noise, raucous partying, Winslow, the Greasers, water, amusement park rides/roller coasters, being humiliated.
Favorite foods: White fish chub, cranberries
Qualities: Creative and intellectual, clever.
Strong points: Good with scheming plans for himself; always prepared for any crisis - especially with a 'cat license' (though Dog seems to always catch him off-guard...)
Weak points: A tad selfish and greedy (I love 'im anyway. ;)), absolutely stinks at baseball, his fear of water (he eventually got over that one), often gets the short end of the stick in situations, and occasionally loses his constant self-control.

Personality: Smart, cunning, and scheming - that's Cat all right. He's your typical underdog (though he's a kitty!) of society, pummeled by the ignorance of society towards him because of his 'difference' - being a CatDog - as well as literally pummeled by the Greaser Dogs, day after day. He's grown up from the geeky kitten in grade school to the shining example of a cat ridiculed by the society around him, and the most defensive and tempered as he deals with them. When he's not recovering from the beatings, he's attempting to make Dog understand this life better - at times by trying to educate him to be as smart as he is to have more in common with him, others by tricking Dog into getting what he himself wants scheme after scheme... later realizing the impossibility of there being another Cat in this world as all his schemes blow up in his face and everything thrown right back at him. Poor Cat. And through all this, he cares for Dog more than anyone else, no matter how many plans backfire because of Dog or the total humiliation of things Dog does; as Dog looks up to him with the most innocent of eyes, thinking his brother can do no wrong.

Background: "Alone in the world is the little CatDog" is very true. Cat and Dog once searched for their parents, wondering where they came from, but found their birthplace, Yonderland, and also adoptive parents - a large, furry blue creature and little green frog as their mother and father, respectively, who found CatDog as KittenPuppy at the front of their home, dropped off in a basket -- apparently abandoned by their real birth parents --, and raised them for a short time in their young baby years. Until a time when Old Uppenchuck, a geyser/cyclone, took away KittenPuppy, landing them in the town of Nearburg, all alone. The brothers then fended for themselves for the rest of their lives, and grew up to be what they are today... with help from Winslow?...
Jan's thoughts: OK, we know it's impossible for me to choose, but... I. Love. Cat. SO much. His little whiskers, the way the position of his ears can tell you his mood, and something about his eyebrows get to me- he's adorable! Plus, the way he deals with the tough situations in his insane life shows a very cool message of determination for jumping over life's obstacles and going with the flow. I like that in him, very much. Sometimes he reflects myself, like how he was when he was younger... something of a social outcast and all. He's still the outcast, but a pretty special, unique kitty, and even if the other characters don't respect this as much, I know I do. <3

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