...Y'know...maybe Dog's singing IS better than this crud...
Ah, the written word. What better way to put down ideas even crazier than creating a cat and dog conjoined at the hip, than to write stories about the cat and dog conjoined at the hip?! I definetly draw more than I write, but now and then, I WILL bring you my brain droppings in written form as well, like this!:

  • Shriek's Joys of Aunthood

  • Long ago, I remember reading lots of parody fics from all kinds of genres and just loving them. Along with much other stuff I've read, I was inspired by a few "what if" type stories, and wanted to write something of the parody sort. This is my first CatDog fanfic I've ever written, and I must say.... poor Cat. Poor, poor Cat.

  • A Nearburgian Look at Anime

  • Oh, my and ay-yi-yi, all that Japanese animation we can't help but get obsessed with! I absolutely love all different kinds of anime now, but when I was younger, I couldn't stand how mainstream it was and how people got so crazy about it! So, I thought, what happens when it all comes to Nearburg? Lessee what happens, then, when Cat, Dog, and the citizens of Nearburg get exposed to it a liiiiittle too much... (thank God I've matured a tiny bit since...)