Leaving already? All righty, here are all the hand-picked CatDog sites I could find! They're all awfully good, take a peek!

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Officials's Nicktoon Comics (LOTS of CatDog comics in here!)
Nickelodeon Toon Room - CatDog (Australia)'s CatDog Games (much fun!)

CatDog Cast 'n' Crew Pages
PETERHANNAN.COM (seriously, go here.)
Denis Hannigan (music)
Russ Mooney (animation director)
April Winchell (Sadie Linkletter VA)
Interview with Tom Kenny (Dog VA)
Billy Bob Thornton (CatDog's dad VA)

CatDog Stuff
CatDog Coloring Pages (these are from the Activity Pad!)
KidsZone CatDog
Epinions CatDog Reviews
Pazsaz Entertainment - CatDog
CatDog @ Wikipedia
CatDog Wikia

Fan Pages
CatDog's First Fan Site / CatDog's Closet (look up at!)
CatDog Central (closed, but still exists!)
A Hastily Thrown Together CatDog Page
Miss Sunshine's CatDog Lab
Mike Bunker's CatDog Page