the younger, more carefree half

Sex: Male
Species: Canine
Age: early-to-mid 20s (and 5 minutes younger than Cat)
Blood type: O
Nicknames: Doggy, Dogula
Likes: Garbage, playing fetch, toys, Mean Bob action figures, partying, his brother Cat
Dislikes: Trespassers on his territory, sitting still, and the mailman (AND the paperboy)
Favorite foods: Tacos, garbage
Qualities: Playful, carefree, very happy type
Strong points: Has a true blue heart, can be very smart and creative (he built the island paradise all by himself in "The Island"! 'member that?)
Weak points: One-track mind, has trouble with concentration, very sensitive

Personality: "Garbage garbage! Truck truck!" Dog chants as he goes on with his daily rituals. Chase the garbage truck (much to Cat's distaste), chase/attack the mailman, play fetch... Dog just loves having fun, and takes on the role of creating harmony among his friends. He's generally loved by all, although he can be easily influenced by others or what he sees on TV. Like other dogs, he has faith in everyone, dislikes hardly anything, and seems to not be capable of truly hating anybody. He's trustworthy, and can be serious when he needs to be, though he can sometimes slip and make huge blunders. No one's perfect, and Dog isn't quite there either. But that's what makes him loveable, and especially his big ol' heart.

Background: "Alone in the world is the little CatDog" is very true. Cat and Dog once searched for their parents, wondering where they came from, but found their birthplace, Yonderland, and also adoptive parents - a large, furry blue creature and little green frog as their mother and father, respectively, who found CatDog as KittenPuppy at the front of their home, dropped off in a basket -- apparently abandoned by their real birth parents --, and raised them for a short time in their young baby years. Until a time when Old Uppenchuck, a geyser/cyclone, took away KittenPuppy, landing them in the town of Nearburg, all alone. The brothers then fended for themselves for the rest of their lives, and grew up to be what they are today... with help from Winslow?...
Jan's thoughts: Aaawwww, what CatDog fan doesn't like BOTH Cat and Dog? Dog is just such a sweetie!! His voice, his snore, his laugh, everything about him omg CUTE. He just perfectly balances out Cat's seriousness and dark sarcasm with just a cute little smile to start. I especially love how he looks up to Cat so much, even though Cat really isn't the genius that he AND Dog think he is. But still, that relationship is adorable. I love it so much.

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