A few of the most well-known, some particularly crazy Nearburg citizens and friends (...or not) of CatDog! They're crazy and wild, and... well, I love them!

Rancid Rabbit
Sex: Male
Species: Rabbit
Age: 30s/40s
Blood type: A
Likes: Rules, strict logical orderly manner in everything.
Dislikes: CatDog, and other people who break rules.
Qualities: That nasally voice of his, and his forcefulness...then weakness later as he's often beaten.
Background: Rancid is every power-starved hall monitor, every griping teacher, every strict judge, and everything else combined into one. In other words, he's practically THE law, and also claims himself to be. He'd do anything in his power to make you follow EVERY SINGLE STINKIN' RULE THAT'S IN EXISTANCE OR FACE VERY PAINFUL CONSEQUENCES-- OW, I know. He has countless jobs around Nearburg; including mayor, doctor, dentist, veterinarian (I think?), owner of 'Rancid Rabbit's Better Bottoms', lifeguard, former manager of Taco Depot, and much more. Also, a distant cousin of his is Rotten Rabbit from Farburg.
First appearance: 'All You Can't Eat'
Jan's thoughts: His personality really sums this all up. He's the villain you reaaaaally love to hate (villains! all right!!), even if I can't say I hate him. One of my favorites, definetly.

Dunglap Weasel
Sex: Male
Species: Weasel
Age: 20-ish?
Blood type: O
Likes: Working at the Taco Depot as manager, and his friends CatDog and Mervis.
Dislikes: Um... the Greasers?
Qualities: Nice guy, kind personality.
Background: He and Mervis appear to be best friends, CatDog along with them. After Rancid Rabbit got fired from the Taco Depot, Dunglap took his place as Manager. That isn't Dunglap's only job, he was once shown in the Kavity Krunch factory as a fellow box-licker with Mervis, yet doesn't have a very nice pay for it. Yay. He's still happy with his life, I'm sure.
First appearance: 'All You Can't Eat'
Jan's thoughts: I don't know much about Dunglap, but I know this: He reminds me very, very much of the freckle-faced, acne-ridden teenagers yah see everywhere, only with more personality. *ba-doom-ching.* I have a little soft spot for Dunglap, real cute lil' guy.

Mervis Pantry
Sex: Male
Species: Pig
Age: 20-ish?
Blood type: O
Likes: Hanging out with Dunglap, apparently.
Dislikes: Being the mailman. Watch out for Dog!
Qualities: Not sure.
Background: One of the least-known characters. A good quote from him is: "Okay. Err... through sleet, a-a-and through snow... (He gulps) and dogs." From when Mervis was a temporary mailman, he was one of the many that Dog caught each time he attempted to deliver the mail. Ouch.
First appearance: 'Fistful of Mail'
Jan's thoughts: I think I'm one of the few who really enjoy watching Mervis and Dunglap's friendship. They have been spotted in many episodes, and... aw, just watch them quarrel, get along, quarrel, then be friends again. It cracks me up to heck and back!
"Mervis: So you broke my bike, you big liar?!
Dunglap: Cough up the glove, pig!!
(both beat the crap out of each other)"
(--"The End")

Randolph Grant
Sex: Male
Species: Feline
Age: 20s-30s
Blood type: A
Likes: Anything that's terribly exciting and attention-getting. "It's crazy and wild and I love it!"
Dislikes: Not much, really. Possibly anything that's just...dull.
Qualities: The 'Cary Grant' personality spoof. Though it's based on this very cool actor, it does make Randy his own completely different person!
Background: Randolph's the trendy, suave cat that is instantly reminiscent of the looks and accent of Cary Grant. He appears to be a celebrity in his lifestyle, as he is seemingly good friends with Tallulah Hatbank (movie star cat-girl), often a local news reporter, and also owns "Randolph's Charm School and House of Beauty", not to mention working for Rancid Rabbit's "Better Bottoms".
First appearance: 'CatDog's End'
Jan's thoughts: When I first saw him in his first appearance, I had NO idea who he was or what was up with him (or his behind). Now, I think he's just cute with his mannerisms. ^^ I often wonder if he's related to CatDog (look at the spot pattern and his face structure, quite similiar to Cat's).

Mr. Sunshine
Sex: Male
Species: Unknown, perhaps a shell-less turtle?
Age: 20s, 30s
Blood type: ?
Likes: Nothing really matters to him majorly, so it's a big "whatever, I don't mind" here for him.
Dislikes: See above.
Qualities: Seldom smiles or is noticeably happy at all, is rather quiet. He's as enthusiastic as Ben Stein (listen to his voice).
Background: The absolute epitome of happiness and *sunshine*, he's the lil' green guy that's the life of the party! Always bouncing around full of hyper happiness, he's always there to brighten your day and say something encouraging and lovely! Wee!..... Okay, now think of the EXACT OPPOSITE of everything I just said, and you've got the real Mr. Sunshine, in all his... sunshiny glory. Or lack thereof. 'Nuf said.
First appearance: 'All You Can't Eat'
Jan's thoughts: You always need a little slow-poked, depressy guy somewhere. Don't tell me you never knew one-- even we ourselves can be one of them! We always have one of those "Mr. Sunshiny" days.

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