Spots F.A.Q.
frequently asked questions

What the heck IS this page about?
Well, it's about the alone-in-the-world bicranial quadruped, joined at the hindquarters, combined -- *thwap!*... Cat and dog, called CatDog. :> You can find out more about them and other characters in the individual profile on the main page. ^.^

Is this an official site?
No way! This is only a fan webpage made to show how much I adore CatDog. I am NOT a part of Nickelodeon or Viacom, and sadly, I don't personally know Peter Hannan (IWISHHHH.). I'm not much more than just an obscured, loving fan of the show, and all you see here is my page of devotion.

Can I use your images?
Er.. well.. no. They're mine, and were made or edited specially by me, for my site. And anyway, why would you want 'em? I take my images from all kinds of places on the 'net -- CatDog is so neglected these days on the web anyhow. Anyway, I edit them (with Photoshop, mostly) to make 'em juuust right for my page layouts. If you want some pictures for your own page or whatnot, you can find bunches from other CatDog sites I list on the links page.

Oh. What about your character profiles and descriptions?
Don't even think of touching them! I know it sounds mean, but I used to say that I'd strangle anyone who blatantly steals from here- and I still feel that way very strongly. All original text here, with exceptions of official articles or the such, should stay on just this page where it was written. I.e., miiiiiine, backoff. Besides, hey, being a copy-Catbutt isn't fun! I'm sure you can make WAY better, cooler stuff on your own. ^.^ Show me what YOU can do!

Why are you acting like Rancid Rabbit?
What? Me?!

Well, yes. You won't let me use anything from you.
Not anything that's edited, or made/written by me. As I said before, don't copy other peoples' work, including mine. There's only one thing you can use from this page, and that's link banners to this site, although those are for linking use only. *whine* And I'm no green, mean bunny!

Why does this page look so bad?
.......... (bottom lip quivers)... *tears in eyes* You meanie! I spent THIS much time on making this page, and you have nothing good to say about it?! Can't you say anything more constructive than bad, awful, or cheap?! *breaking down* Well, just bite me, okay man?!?

Okay, fine, why did you make this page anyway?
(sniffles) Are you sorry?

Yes, yes, I'm sorry. Why --
Are you really sorry?

YES, I'M SORRY! Now can we get on with it?!
*sneef* Fine.

Thank you. Now. Why did you call this page 'Spots and Fishbones?
It's a catchy name, isn't it? Those are two objects that associate with CatDog very well. Spots... well, 'cause they've got spots. And fishbones? Dog loves bones. Cat loves fish. Get it? Of course you do! *makes you smile and nod*

Hey, I think I've seen this cruddy page before. How old is this site?
I made this site in 2000, but you might've seen it waaaaaaay back in 1999 when I made a tiny CatDog page called "Hail the Great MeowWoof", part of my old "Junie's Toon-A-Casserole" site. It was simple, and... for some reason had a picture of Sailor Moon on it (it was my other huge obsession at the time). ^^; Hopefully, you can see I've improved since!
'Spots' was also the first fan-site I ever made for anything, so it's really really special to me and fun to work on. ^.^

Will you ever shut this site down when you lose interest in CatDog?
No WAY. When I say I'm gonna love something forever, I'm gonna love it forever. Besides, I think it's totally silly to shut down a site just because you lose interest in it. Spots has been on hiatus once or twice, but I never gave up on it because the love was there, and as you can see, still is. It's okay to move on to other stuff, but I'm pretty sure CatDog left a permanent pawprint on my heart. And even if the pawprint fades over time, I will leave Spots here for other fans to enjoy when they go looking for CatDog pages, and find this one that I hope offers something unique to them that they just can't find anywhere else.

WHY did you make this page?
Well, in a nutshell, I LOVE Cat and Dog and all those Nearburgian folks very much. And I felt that CatDog wasn't properly represented on the web, or to the world. I'm standing up for what I love, and against those particularly mean CatDog-haters, and for what I believe in! (shakes fist at all of ya!!) You'll never take us down, losers! So just shove it up-- heeeey, it's the men in white coats! Haven't seen you dudes in a while! Wh--HEY! LEGGO MY ARM! Erk... buh-bye!

WAIT!! I have one last question.

How do CatDog go to the bathroo--
AW NO. Not this again! Listen, I don't know, the fans don't know (though some have some really funky theories), not even the great Peter Hannan himself knows! There are way cooler mysteries in CatDog to wonder about, so why don'tcha go read up on the characters, and maybe we can learn something, ok? ^.^