You Know You Like CatDog Too Much When...

You think you've gotten to the point of fandom where you're a hardcore, obsessive freakie? Try this list out! Everyone knows about those insanely stupid "You Know You Like (enter TV show/more popular anime title here) Too Much When..." lists. For one thing, I think I've accomplished the majority of this already, but let's see if you're as bad as me!

1. When your alarm clock goes off, you immediatly start yelling "I didn't do it!", just like Cat.

2. You get sent home from school for painting brown spots all over your face during art class.

3. You love Cat and Dog so much, you think it's absolutely impossible to choose favorites between either one. (guilty! ^.^)

4. If you do choose, you list every little quality about Cat/Dog whether you like it or not, and swoon an "oh, how CUUUTE!" every time you read them. (stop looking at me like that.)

5. The best way to scold someone is to imitate Rancid Rabbit's voice, according to you.

6. You do as above.

7. Speaking of Rancid, you call up an enemy of yours, and imitate Rancid's laughter. "Eeehehheheheheheheeh!!"

8. You think and ponder and bruise your brain and slave for hours trying to come up with a really good CatDog fanfic.

9. You might even write a CatDog soap opera.

10. ...Or write a CatDog/soap opera crossover.

11. ...Even if you despise soap operas.

12. You make a CatDog page! Hey, what do you think this is?

13. You enslave your younger sibling or friend to record every single CatDog episode.

14. If you hate salesmen, peddlers, and solicitors, you'd use Eddie the Squirrel as your 'personal watch-squirrel'. Believe me, the salesman in question would never come to your door again after meeting Eddie!

15. Your parents will very much appreciate #14!

16. You turn your mind over and over about the constant mysteries of the show, such as how CatDog came to be, what their relatives are like, their awe-inspiring stretching power, and so many others you come up with in random thoughts and spare time.

17. And you love all those mysteries.

18. People you know remind you of your favorite characters, and vice versa. You know, my spirit-brother Dave is SO much like Dog! Nice, heartful... *blinks* Whoops, did I just say that?

19. Referring to a previous YKYLCDTMW, if someone on the show mistreats CatDog, your anger rears its ugly head... (LolaCaricolawillDIE. I'm sorry, I just don't like her.)

20. You constantly daydream about your favorite character, and make fanart or fanfics about him.... /her.

21. In fact, you become rather envious of some characters that Cat or Dog are in love with or vice versa. (i.e., the Ingrid twins, Tallulah, Lorraine, Ellie Mae Sue (from the movie), etc.)

22. You collect every single piece of CatDog merchandise there is in existance, even the really rare ones and fast food toys. (*cuddles her CatDog beanbag plushie!*)

23. You grumble and hate and curse when you can't find that one extremely rare piece of merchandise, and dedicate your life to finding it.

24. You were once a (enter obnoxious Nick show here) fan in a former time; but since CatDog came out, and (enter obnoxious Nick show here that stinks to high heavens) STILL takes the spotlight, you now hate the (enter obnoxious frEEkin damned overpromoted Nick show here) more than ever.

25. You think of CatDog haters as lowly peasants who just aren't open-minded enough to see difference. (I believe this one has a lot of truth in it.)

26. You now consider yellow-bellied whipporwhills evil.

27. Not to mention the name "Lola". (Okay, okay, sorry! I'll stop with the Lola bashing now!)

28. Every Halloween, you dress as either a hula girl (surfing champion! Sorry, Cat!) or vampire.

29. Once you get into CatDog, you get (force) a bunch of your friends into it.

30. You attempt to choreograph and learn the 'dance' that Shriek does in the opening.

31. If you fail, try, try again!

32. You think Rancid is stalking you and look out your window more often than you ever did at night.

33. You're convinced Rancid is stalking you.

34. All of a sudden, you have a strong fear of water.

35. In that same sudden, you feel suddenly depressed and start talking in a monotone. Your friends tell you you should seek treatment for your depression, and others may tell you to dye your skin green. Go figure.

36. Someone you know say something stupid? You almost instinctively say, "Whatt're ya, nuts?".

37. You've got a crush on one or more of the characters. (*cough*Cat*coughhackcough*)

38. And if one crush is on Cat and the other is on Dog, you're tortured day and night when trying to choose between them.

And the list goes on...